Thursday, July 8, 2010

May Journal Page

Well, I am not happy with it but figure I need to finish otherwise I will be here until the new year before I decide its 'finished'.  Always the hardest part of doing any art work is when is it finished and when that piece is not 'happy', it never seems to be finished.

The original calendar photograph on  first looking at it seems to be one mass of very orange stone  with a tree standing strong against the elements. Seeing on this page it doesn't look so orange and much more defined but the actual photograph I was working from, is much more densely orange.

Image removed. See this bloggers's post on copyright

Then you look closely at its really full of life with grasses and other small trees.  So I started out with the overall image but as I worked on I began to see all the other elements  which is where my problems started I think.  As I added to it the more muddy it got (just like a painting) and the heavier it got.(just weight it and it nearly ½lb!).

So I have decided to leave it where it is - for nowYes