Monday, August 23, 2010

JUNE Page at last

This was started way back in May and only now in last grasps of August has it been finished.   It was delayed mainly because I wasn't  sure how to approach the rock face of the waterfalls shown in the Calendar picture

Image removed see this bloggers post on copyright

I knew I didn't want to use beads as I figured that would make it very heavy and I really wasn't sure how they would compare to the sequins I knew I was going to use in this piece.

Embroidery seemed to the answer but which stitch?  I looked at my trusty stitch sampler by Lucinda Ganderton  and came across the Japanese daring stitch. I quickly set to task with making a sampler as I wanted to be confident (1) I could do it and (2) it would work. 


Even with this pass I could see the possibilities of this stitch and decided to stitch over it with more Japanese darning stitch but in a different colour  and it became even more dimensional.


With that little exercise out of the way I was able to concentrate on page and overall I am very satisfied with this page.

June BJP

July has been started whilst working out the ending of the last page and should be finished by the end of the week. August not started but will be started by the end of the week - so for a change I am feeling pretty much up to date with this project.