Friday, August 10, 2012

Cast on stitch

Knitting is not my forte but I can cast on OK. So this is  basically  like casting on with a  sewing needle instead of a knitting needle.  However like knitting, tension is the key and that is where I come undone. Sometimes it was too tight, sometimes it was too loose and a lot of times, there were knots. However I persevere and came out with a semi decent flower shape. 
The orange small floret was my first try and then I went BIG  with french knots in the middle to create a big Sunflower.

After that I decided I would try it as an individual stitch but I could never get the neat curve shape, Sharon had on her blog.  With the individual stitch I decided to play with the length and number of cast on stitches.  I think if I had used a thicker thread I could have got a nice spiral shape as  I could vaguely see it in some of the samples I created where I increased the stitches to a maximum.- up to 14 for one.   I enclosed the first few with a detached chain stitch and liked it so much I continued with as I went along.  All in all, I think if I worked with this stitch, I could get some interesting effects from it.