Sunday, October 24, 2010

July - Finally!

Almost the end of October and finally I have decided July  is finished.  I actually finished all bar one bead and the edging  in August but I thought maybe it needed more.  However, I was unsure as I knew I didn't want to bead it other than the tree when I started but I was tempted to bead some of the background.

So I got into September and that is really where the creative block hit me slam bang in the the head. That story will be told in the next couple of days.  However, I due to that, all creative work came to a shuddering  halt  and I didn't  ever go into my work space for weeks - even the door made me nervous.  Finally on Friday, I entered the cave of fear and just looking at the July piece, I knew it was finished all bar the one right bead plus a sequin which had been selected before I had even started and the edging.

This afternoon, I hope to complete August  and  September started.  Now I am back into the swing of it, I know I will complete this journal by the end of December.

Edited after looking at my photo files and realising I was wrong - this is only July! So once I have finished August in the next couple of days - hopefully this afternoon, I will still have 4 more months to do.  However, its still doable but its not a race. However, I do want to start painting seriously come Jan 1st 2011!