Friday, April 20, 2012

Wow its been a long time since I have posted, so I should update.  To be honest really haven't been that busy as the creative bug has been very reluctant to show its head recently. I know you should just go to the studio and work through it but actually getting there is the difficult part.

Anyway, I have been plodding along with Take a stitch Tuesday (TAST), its not my most inspired work :(   I started off with 14 count aida which I transferred a pattern to. However, I soon came to the conclusion that wasn't going to work.  So I went through my stash of material scraps and picked a tied dyed fabric which is blue and brown.  My plan was and still is to do 13 samples stitches on each piece of material which I will then mount on a piece of canvas and stretch like a canvas. The one thing I will change with #2, is to restrict the colours I use as I realised that I wasn't liking the colour I used in the first piece.  Anyway below are pictures of #1. It is still incomplete but if I waited until it was complete I might never post it which isn't really what the challenge is about.  I have not varied the thread, using my stash of pearl cotton and it is purely stitching, no embellishments, no beads! 

I will admit the fabric is not my favourite but I really wanted to explore the more abstract side of stitching.  I will be more diligent with my posting in the coming weeks as I have reorganised my work space and hopefully that will be make it more inviting to work in.

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ParisMaddy said...

Nice stitching! Good for you getting so far. I actually signed up for TAST then completely forgot about it until seeing your mention of it. Some amazing stitches.

Have a terrific weekend.

Madeline xo