Sunday, July 15, 2012

up and down buttonhole stitch

Stitching has not been uttermost in my mind recently as my Eldest daughter had her first baby last week.  The baby is lovely but unfortunately Mum is not doing so well. Living over 200 miles away, it been frustrating having to wait on the sidelines.  However, I have managed keep up to date with the stitches so here goes .

As I said the last time I wrote I am currently reviving a project I started 2 yrs ago when I was trying  to lose weight. Ironically until I started reworking these pages I was actually losing weight but in the past 2 wks I have actually managed to go up a couple of lbs, no doubt due to stress!  So the piece below is edge with up and down buttonhole stitch.  This stitch came at just the right time as I started with normal buttonhole stitch and was about to pull it out. So that is what I did and it was perfect as the finishing aspect of this page.

I haven't done this week's stitch on my 2 main panels yet but did complete the first 13 stitches on the last panel - bonnet stitch and Palestrina stitch. Both were complete in a very simple fashion  and I was more than happy with that design.  With the Palestrina stitch I realised when Sharon did the update blog and looking back at the construction of the stitch I had done it slightly wrong , so I had to unpick it. However, because of that it actually turned out better.

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