Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well Its been a long long time between posts

but finally I feel ready to post about my progress.

Basically, I came to the end of February and thought to my self - this is not going to work!  It is way too ambitious and I am letting myself fail again.  So I changed course :)

I am still working on the calendar idea and fortunately until this year we have had lots of pictorial calendars in the house.  As I was wondering what I was going to do with this project I spied another calendar just lying on my work desk from last year and so the project was renewed but on a must more modest level. 

this is the photo for January (Talbot Bay on the Buccaneer Archipelago)  and this is what I have created so far from it.- Image removed see this blogger's post on copyright

The base is a white felt rectangle bought from any craft shop.  On that I have needle felted the main colors and then I added embroidery and some beading. At the moment I am not sure if it is finished or not but the main components are there.

This is February, a wonderful photo of Thring Rock on the Canning Stock Route, Australia

Image removed - see this blogger's post on copyright

The based is exactly the same as the previous month  although a lot of this was felted on my felting machine (which I bought rather impetuously last year. Little did I know the needles are outrageously expensive and very fragile!)

Unlike my previous attempts at this project in January where I tried to make so sort of progression from idea to form, these works are purely reacting to what I see and feel about the images in front of me. There is no extensive drawing  or wondering what is going where. I just place the wool roving on the felt and punch away!  I think they are working so much better because of that

This is the one I am currently working on, Sunrise over the Thomas Rive, Cape Arid National Park.- Image removed - see this blogger's post on copyright

This is my is my progress so far.  Again the base is a white felt rectangle with wool roving needled felting.  Then I embroidered the top  and then free machined the middle bit.  This is a new technique for me and I am loving the texture it gives me. I have feeling this is about half way done.

I am feeling so much better about this project than I did just 2 weeks ago and know that this is the right direction for this year.   From last years failed attempt and this year's failed beginning, I am realising that much of my art is based purely on instinct and not on planning.  If I think too much about it, I freeze up and become overly concerned about what I am doing.

As for the previous work, I am still going to work on them as I have January and February started but now the pressure is off, maybe they will evolve and grow into something I want to share but but not at the moment.


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

wow! your landscapes are amazing!!!

Kaite said...

Wow, another Aussie, and what beautiful Aussie landscapes (Ausscapes?). Your work is very inspiring. Kaite from Bathurst

Anonymous said...

I love that you are doing landscapes. Each one is an incredible interpretation -- one of a kind!

Julie said...

Wow, I just love your work. You have captured it so well with the felting. I am anxious to see your future work. Julie jC

freebird said...

I can see why you are enjoying it more now. Now the whole thing is your picture. Your interpretation rather than copy of a place. Very nice.

Sweetpea said...

I am admiring your tenacity to keeponkeeponkeepon even though you have been really (or seems like) frustrated by your earlier are on to something now - go for it!! Your work with felt (roving) inspires me. I'm so glad I stopped by and I'm really looking forward to where you'll go with this!

Penny said...

Beautiful work! I love the interpretation of the pictures. This reminds me of Margie Deeb's book "The Beader's Color Palette" where she uses nature to choose color combinations. I also love the combination of fiber with beads.

Margaret Sutherland said...

What beautiful pieces you have created! The felting looks almost like water color, and the inspiration shows in each piece. BTW, I have a sister who lives in Sydney!